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Welcome to Breckenridge, an authentic Colorado mountain town that greets you with its laid-back vibe and modern amenities. After all, Breckenridge was a town long before it was a ski resort. Throughout these 151 years, one thing has stayed true – our quaint historic town has remained rich in its character and reputation of being the perfect mountain town. An undeniable charm and casual mountain spirit spreads from the grounded community to 13,000 feet high in the sky at the ski resort summit, making you feel like a local – no matter the season.

It’s no surprise that Breckenridge is often referred to as the perfect mountain town. It is perfectly situated at the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort –  ensuring that you never have to choose between visiting the mountain or visiting the Town of Breckenridge. It’s all right here.
Full of history and character, Breckenridge shares an incredibly laid-back charm that makes you feel like a local – no matter the season.  Take a stroll down historic Main Street and feel the vibrant spirit of eclectic boutiques and après-ski cheer, relax fireside in a cozy café or enjoy summer afternoons on one of our many sun-soaked patios and decks. Whatever you crave, you can find it here!

The town is alive with stellar festivities, events and activities, complemented by  hundreds of restaurantsgalleries, cafes, boutiques and more. From shopping, live music, nightlife and dining to culture, you can kick-it-up or kick back, whatever your mood.

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Breckenridge sits at 9,600 feet above sea level! Please prepare yourself prior to attending NEC with these simple tips to avoid altitude sickness.

  • Hydrate! Breckenridge is high and dry make sure to begin hydrating prior to arriving. 

  • Avoid alcohol - at least for the first 2 days if you are new to the altitude.

  • Reduce Exercise - the air gets thinner so each breath you draw contains less oxygen.

  • Get enough sleep - insomnia is a sign of altitude sickness.

  • Increase calories - your body will need the extra fuel. 

  • Ascend gradually - if you are coming from sea level and your schedule allows you may want to spend one night in the Denver area.

  • Consider high altitude supplements or medications.

  • Oxygen bars/bottles are available throughout the resort and town of Breckenridge.

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