Opening Keynote

                 Jim               Davidson

The past few years have brought into sharp focus the vital role that our nurses, nurse educators and all healthcare professionals play in our society. The world has developed a renewed appreciation for the work of healthcare professionals, but it can still feel like swimming upstream for healthcare workers trying to fulfill their dynamic duties in an ever-changing and most challenging environment.

At the 2022 NEC, we will focus on how to turn these challenges into opportunities. Through hands-on learning and invaluable networking with peers our attendees will leave the conference with knowledge and skills to take back to their academic and clinical settings. Most importantly, they will leave feeling inspired and ready to RISE to challenges, EMBRACE changes, and CREATE opportunities for a diverse generation of current and future healthcare professionals.

What is NEC?

The NEC in the Rockies brings together nurse educators from around the nation to develop new skills, demonstrate best practices, exchange lessons learned, share current evidence-based research, and discover valuable resources. 

During our time together we empower nurse leaders with tools and practical, hands-on solutions that can be implemented in their work.

The NEC is put on each year by the Centennial Area Health Education Center (CAHEC) as a fundraiser for the programs that CAHEC supports in the Eastern Plains region of Colorado. CAHEC works to address healthcare shortages in the region through education and collaboration.

For questions and more information, email us at or call 970.330.3608.