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2021 Nurse Educator Awards

2021 Nurse Educator of the Year Award Recipients!

The Centennial Area Health Education Center celebrated 30 years of our Nurse Educator’s Conference in the Rockies by paying tribute to the nursing profession and recognizing extraordinary nurse educators. The remarkable efforts of these individuals often go unnoticed and through this special award, we were able to honor those who make a difference in the lives of so many.

After receiving nominations for several incredible nurse educators across the country, the NEC committee selected the recipients for the 2021 Nurse Educator Awards. Each nominee demonstrated exemplary characteristics like:


  • Extraordinary Leadership – demonstrated above and beyond leadership in nursing education

  • Innovation in Nursing Education – demonstrating creativity in nursing education that benefits students and practitioners

  • Commitment to NEC in the Rockies Conference – how many years of attendance at the annual NEC Conference

Please click the links below to watch a video celebrating each of the award nominees.

Lola Fehr

Ambur Lindstrom-Mette

Melodie Rowbotham

Beth Scott

Nadine Constantine

Erin Donovan

Sherry Fuller

Jill Holmstrom

Faye Hummel

Kim Paxton

Jennifer Bailey DeJong

Terry Buxton

Kathy Casey

Jeanette McNeill

Randee Nyman

Shu-Yi Wang

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